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Ghent In Your Pocket

Ghent In Your Pocket
If one thinks of cities worth visiting in Belgium, Brussels and Bruges automatically pop up in people’s minds. And still our team of In Your Pocket found another city in Belgium to be the icing on the cake, Ghent. This lovely city is much smaller than Belgium’s capital Brussels (only 250.000 inhabitants), and has less protected medieval facades than its sister Bruges, but it is a buzzing, charming and picturesque city and every time there are new things to discover. It combines the old and the modern in architecture and in people (pensioners, working class and students live side by side), it is proud of its identity and its slang and its reputation as the city of the Stroppendragers , but it is also a warm city welcoming exchange students and tourists from all over the world. You will definitely feel at home here. It loves to surprise you, with concerts, exhibitions, light spectacles and the biggest open air festival in Europe (Gentse Feesten) during the summer. Ghent is a city you’ll fall in love with, effortlessly and this In Your Pocket Guide will help you with this romantic endeavor. 

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Enjoy this city, which is, as they would say in Ghent slang ‘vree wijs’ (very cool).

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