Arriving in Ghent by Car

Arriving in Ghent by Car
Driving to the centre of Ghent can be a difficult task and be quite costly.

There are four different zones, and they are split into two different sections. You have the choice of Kort Parkeren (short-term parking, maximum three hours) and Dagparkeren (24 hours). Parking costs vary, from €2 an hour in the centre of the city up to €10 for a full day. Remember, however, that it's hard to find a parking spot in or near the Old Town. Don't park without paying unless you fancy a huge fine.

If you're coming from out of town, free parking at one of the six Park and Ride locations is your best option. The only damage is €2 for a tram ticket to town (or €1.20 if you buy it in advance).

There are Park & Ride facilities at:

P+R Gentbrugge (250 parking places)
P+R Oostakker (200 parking places)
P+R Flanders Expo (106 parking places)
P+R Wondelgem Industrieweg (48 parking places)
P+R Mariakerke (25 parking places)
P+R Gentbrugge Moscou (15 parking places)

If you're still determined to drive into the Old Town then look for a parking garage. There are nine parking garages in Ghent. Rates vary, but you will pay around €1,50 an hour. You can find them easily by following the electronic signs on the billboards when you enter the city from whatever direction: the signs will also tell you how many free spaces are available. Further details of parking garages in town can be found here:

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