If you not such a beer lover and you’ve had it with the château migraine they served you the night before, you might want to try RoomeR, a liquor made in Ghent. It’s a natural drink made from elderflower. RoomeR (14.9% alcohol) tastes sweet, smells like a sunny day and is best with some ice cubes. Funny is that you always find some elderberry flowers in your glass.
RoomeR is the story of two brothers of Ghent who had the idea to make a small and artisanal drink in a brewery in the city centre of their town. The story begins when the brothers, Jeroen and Maarten Michels, were fifteen years old and start brewing drinks at the house of their grandmother. They made drinks and wine with things they found in nature and encyclopedias. The brew brothers’ love for brewing things didn’t die and now, their RoomeR is derived from their grandma’s recipe for lemonade.

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