Masons’ Guild Hall

The building opposite St Nicolas’ Church, which now houses the regional tourist office, was drastically reconstructed in 1852 and at the time everyone thought the original façade of the masons’ guildhall was lost with the rebuilding. When the city decided it wanted to show the architecture of guildhalls at the World Expo of 1913, however, a copy of the façade was erected at Graslei. The original masons’ guildhall was once again reconstructed in 1976 and to everyone’s surprise, the gothic façade was found under a thick layer of plasterwork. The restored façade of the building dates from 1526, when masons demonstrated their masonry skills in their own guildhall. At the top of the beautiful stepped gable, six bronze figures that ‘dance with the wind’ can be spotted. For the copy of the façade from 1912, look for the building named Den Enghel at Graslei 8. 

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Sint-Niklaasstraat 2


(+32) 926 92 600


City centre location

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