Nightlife in Sofia

There's a good selection of dance clubs in Sofia, offering everything from the local 'pop folk' to retro nights, electronic music and rock. Heavy metal enjoys huge popularity among the local population.

There is a growing live stage at bigger venues, where all kinds of foreign artists have concerts (mainly pop, rock and techno). 

Sofia's nightclubs carry on throughout the night, finishing in time for you to go and get breakfast, so if this is what makes you tick you won't run out of things to do in Sofia. In fact there is now a growing trend in after club bars so you can get your early morning kick.

Dance bars and clubs are mostly flash and sleek, with the prevailing music styles being techno, house, disco, retro and pop. The local kitsch - Pop Folk (or аs Bulgarians call it, Chalga) is a blend of Balkan folk style with in-your-face sexuality - almost naked singers and girls on the stages (and on the tables) in expensively designed nightclubs for excess partying.

Underground is a variety of all kinds of events - from classical rock and metal concerts, to new wave theme parties, alternative tributes, spoken word or club theatrical performances, drum and bass, dubstep and jungle parties, reggae, jazz, hip-hop etc).

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