Taxis in Bulgaria are all painted bright yellow and are usually branded to a particular company. They charge by the kilometre, with an initial fee of anywhere up to 1 lev. A cap on the price per kilometre has recently been imposed and will be around 60-70 stotinki daytime and slightly higher at night. 

Despite this, taxis are well known for ripping off tourists, either by improperly displayed prices which then turn out to be ten or twenty times higher or by claiming their meter is not working and then demanding an outrageous fee at the end of the journey. The following taxi companies have been recommended as reliable in Veliko Tarnovo:
  • Inter Taxi - (+359) 62 630 063, mobile (+359) 88 999 29 00
  • Euro Taxi - (+359) 62 633 633, mobile (+359) 887 633 633
  • Alex OK - (+359) 62 616 16, mobile (+359) 887 861 616 Call and hang up - they will call you right back.

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