Why not? Tbilisi

Located in the quiet blind alley, just one minute walk from Rustaveli Av., WN? hostel is friendly and relaxed. The large common area located on the first floor is all about socialising and fun. It is not a party hostel, as their policy is a comfortable night’s sleep is the first priority, but the staff is always willing to have jar (yes they use jars instead of glasses!) of wine, or just play cards and talk. The owners are foreigners, and know exactly what backpackers want. They will be happy to give you all the best tips and practical info about Tbilisi and even more about travelling around Georgia. There is no smoking inside, but there is a balcony and terrace if you want to smoke. They often have barbeques on the terrace in the summer. There are two little kiosk shops just around the corner that are open late into the night and a superb bakery just across the street. Simple breakfast included in the price

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Why not? Tbilisi Comments

  • Have had the pleasure of being on Why Not Tbilisi Hostel 4 times during 1 and a half years. Seer forward to the next visit!
  • Best place ever !! Cool guys !


Tabukashvili 15/4


(+995) 599 00 70 30




4-bed dorm €14
6-bed dorm €12
8-bed dorm €11
16-bed dorm €10
double €32

Metro station:

Liberty Square

Wi-fi Non-smoking No Credit cards Breakfast

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