Basilica of the Holy Cross (Basilica di Santa Croce)

Basilica of the Holy Cross (Basilica di Santa Croce)
The basilica of the Holy Cross was built in the 16th century along a section of the city walls which was given the same name, Holy Cross Rampart (Bastione di Santa Croce). Prior to its construction, on the same ground was the synagogue. After the expulsion of the Jews from all territories under the Spanish Crown in 1492, the temple was demolished and replaced by the basilica. Santa Croce was assigned to the Jesuits, until 1773, when the Society of Jesus was suppressed. The basilica was then assigned to the knightly Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus. On Sunday mornings it's the weekly appointment for traditional Catholics, who attend Latin mass. 

Admission free. 

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Open 09:00 - 13:00, 14:30 - 18:00.


Via Corte d'Appello 44


(+39) 070 235 52 84

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