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Traditional Russian food is rich and stodgy peasant-fare from the village with a dash of French inspired creamy sauces. If you are wondering what that green grass stuff is, it’s dill (ukrop-укроп) and it usually finds its way into everything. Snacks (zakuski -закуски) are very popular and include all manner of pickled things (solyony-соленый ) and small open sandwiches (buterbrod-бутерброд).


Russians are big on soups and there are literally hundreds of different kinds of soups that you can find on a Russian menu. Russians often like to eat there soup with a spoon of sour cream in it.
Borsch – the quintessential Russian soup made from beetroots and beef. Can also be served cold.

Ukha (уха) – fish soup often made with salmon or trout.

Shchi (щи) – cabbage soup usually containing many other vegetables and meat too.

Solyanka (солянка) – a heavy meaty soup with various chopped up sausages (kolbasa -колбаса) in it topped off with a slice of lemon and an olive.

Okroshka (окрошка) – a favourite summer soup made with boiled root vegetables, eggs, spam ham on a base of kvass (квас) (fermented bread drink) or kefir (кефир - soured milk). Undoubtedly an acquired taste.


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