Although Amsterdam is by no means a wedding destination like Las Vegas, a nuptials trend has become apparent here in the last few years. More and more remarkable locations have opened their doors to weddings and this includes Lizboa, which has been moored in the harbour for many years and is a must-see for people who are keen on modern architecture. This characteristic ship can be booked in its entirety for weddings or other important receptions. If you haven't received an invitation for some such function you can drop by every first Sunday of the month from 17:00 until the early hours when the fog horn is replaced by the sweet sounds of salsa. Put on your dancing shoes and have a close look at all three floors of this romantic ship.

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  • Haha i am from Vegas! Can't wait to check it out will be going early autumn to this beautiful city. Will be my 13th visit hopefully it doesn't bring anything bad. Keep on writing about all the funny and wicked stuff!


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