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Dutch mountains

Dutch mountains
One of Holland's most successful bands, The Nits, wrote a world famous hit Into the Dutch Mountains in the 1980s even though Holland's highest pimple is only a meagre 365m-high. Apart from this, the country's as flat as a pancake. And this is why Thijs Zonneveld, a failed cyclist, managed to bring together a number of clever industrialists who were seriously considering building a proper mountain within the Netherlands, measuring no less than 2,000 metres in height! Instead of earning a trip the loony bin, Zonneveld has already taken his ambitious plan to the next stage. The dream location of this two kilometre high mountain has also been chosen. The plan is to excavate enough from just off the coast to create a paradise for thousands of sports enthusiasts who'd like to climb the summits of the highest mountains in every country.

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