Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures
A few things you might want to know about the Netherlands and Tilburg, situated in the province of Brabant.

Population: 16.5 million (in 2010).
Longest rivers: Rijn (Rhine) and Maas (Meuse).
Highest point: Vaalserberg (323m)
Length of Dutch coastline: 451km
Tiburg: Sixth largest city of the Netherlands
Tilburg population: 204,863 inhabitants (on 1 January 2010)
Municipality Tilburg: 8 districts (City centre, Oude stad, Tilburg-Zuid, Oost, Oud-Noord, Noord, West, Reeshof). The villages Berkel-Enschot and Udenhout are also part of the municipality Tilburg.
Little known facts about Tilburg
-Tilburg used to have it’s very own castle. One of the lords of Tilburg, Jan van Haestrecht, built ‘that stone chamber at Hasselt’ which unfortunately had to make way for a factory in 1858. It lives on in the logo of the city.
-Tilburg arose from the ‘herdgangen’ (herd places), three cornered plots with a few dirt roads. These herd places were the common pasture for the flocks of sheep. The structure of the triangular squares can still be found on many squares and places in Tilburg.
-Although the city celebrated 200 year of City Charter in 2009, the city is much older. Traces of prehistoric habitation were recently discovered and go back to 4000-6000 B.C. These people were most probably nomadic hunters-gatherers. The name Tilburg (Tilliburgis) was mentioned for the first time in 709.
-Tilburg has its own Walk of Fame. It can be found in the Alexanderstraat.

Little known facts about The Netherlands
- People eat raw herring with onions on top.
- 75% of Dutch women work part time. This is the highest number in Europe.
- Holland is 6.7 meters below sea level at its lowest point. About 20% of the country of The Netherlands is below sea level. The rest is above it and wouldn't go under if the dikes gave way.
- The term 'Dutch' is used in English both for the people of The Netherlands, and the language they speak.
- Dutch is also spoken in Belgium, northern France, Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.
- There are around 16 million bicycles in Holland, which supposedly means almost one for every inhabitant.
- Holland has the highest museum density in the world, with almost 1000 museums.
- The landscape of Holland is dotted with around 1000 windmills, which have become its hallmark.
- The Netherlands has over 4,400km of navigable rivers, canals and lakes.
- 48 million passengers pass through Amsterdam Airport annually, as well as 1,5 million tonnes of cargo. More then 260 destinations around the world can be reached directly from the airport.
- The world's largest flower auction is located in the Netherlands with 12,7 billion flowers and plants auctiond off in the past year.
- With a gross domestic product of over 768 billion, The Netherlands is the 16th-largest economy in the world. Despite ranking 134th in terms of its size (41,526 square kilometres) and 60th in terms of its population.
- 77,1% of the potential employable population has a job, compared to an EU average of 67%.
- The Netherlands is the world's secondbiggest exporter of agricultural goods, after the United States. It's also the world's sixth-biggest exporter of goods.
- Seven Dutch universities feauture in the European list of Top 50 academic institutes.
- Home to a wide range of multinational companies from Heineken to Philips. The Netherlands is the word's sixth-largest foreign investor.

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