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Senseless slaughter

Senseless slaughter
Anyone who thinks that the Dutch are a politically correct, peace-loving people may want to revise their opinion after reading the following sentences. As it turns out, every year more than half a million animals are slaughtered needlessly in the Netherlands and the lucrative breeding industry is in large part to blame. Many animals are simply killed because they are no longer useful in breeding schemes. In addition to mice, rats, rabbits and pigs, hundreds of monkeys, dogs, cats, horses, birds and even lamas are killed simply because they are no longer useful as sperm donors or receptacles. This senseless slaughter is not only inhumane and unworthy of a First World country, it also costs the companies roughly €2 million a year carry out. All that cash to kill Porky Pig and not even a slab of bacon to show for it? It certainly sounds senseless to us.

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