‘s-Hertogenbosch is famous for its many cafés and restaurants so you're never far from a glass of wine or a pint of beer. Heineken and Bavaria are the two most popular beers on offer at most places in the inner city. Other tasty brews include Grolsch, Hertog Jan, Amstel and the Belgian Jupiler. Beer is served everywhere, especially Belgian brews, but you must be able to prove that you're at least 16 years old (to drink beer or wine) or 18 for spirits. If you look too young you'll be carded, so always bring identification. This holds true for supermarkets and off-licences, too. If you're a little too tipsy you’ll probably be asked (firmly, yet kindly) to leave the premises and if you don't cooperate you could end up spending a night sobering up in a police drunk tank, most likely followed by a decent hangover…

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