RoadsSpeed warning!
For a country as small as the Netherlands, there are a ridiculously high number of asphalt roads and motorways. Every town, village or hamlet can be reached from the black ribbon that never seems to be more than a few kilometres away. Despite the excellent state of Dutch roads (and cars – it is compulsory in the Netherlands that your car is checked for faults at least once every two years) traffic quite frequently jams at a large number of bottlenecks. This is not very strange if you consider that there are, on average, two vehicles per household. And there are 7 million households! The majority of Dutch drivers never break the speed limit, and considering the severity of traffic fines, this seems wise enough. Driving through a red light? This will cost you €160. Driving too fast within city limits? Be prepared to pay €180! And as soon as you exceed the maximum speed by 50km/h you'll lose your driving licence and be fined. Just a few rules: within city limits you must drive 50km/h, outside city limits 80 and on motorways 100 or 130 (check the road signs!). In the Netherlands you must drive on the right side of the road, and you are not allowed to cycle on motorways! You don’t want to know how many tourists are plucked off the road by police each year, happily pedalling to their next destination.

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