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The ’s-Hertogenbosch city centre can be divided into two culinary regions. This doesn’t mean that the rest of the city is devoid of restaurants, (in fact it offers 161 eating establishments) but the Uilenburg and the Korte Putstraat are the places to go for lunch or dinner. In the Uilenburg you'll find cosy local restaurants and a few trendy places, but ’s-Hertogenbosch is most known for its Korte Putstraat, which is an extraordinary little street lined with attractive restaurants and outdoor cafés frequented by tourists and locals alike.

In Your Pocket staff undertake the strenuous task of selecting, among hundreds of establishments, those that are truly worth visiting, whether they're humble frites joints or sophisticated Michelin-starred restaurants. And with so many establishments to choose from, we hope that our guide serves as the solution to what can be an overwhelming question: what's for dinner?

Tipping, if deserved, is up to the diner, with 10% or a rounding up of the bill both being acceptable. Prices indicate the average cost of a main course.
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