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Street Talk (1)

Street Talk (1)
Although everyone knows Amsterdam, 's-Hertogenbosch is still off the beaten path for most foreign tourists. In each new edition of 's-Hertogenbosch In Your Pocket we'll ask two tourists what they like most about the city and what brought them here.
Steve and Joan Burke from Ireland had the following to say: “My husband Steve has been to ’s-Hertogenbosch more often for his work; it is my first time here. His boss now requires us to come live here. And despite the fact that I am quite critical, and that I had lots of doubts to start with, I have come to be quite impressed by this beautiful, attractive, and accessible city! I was mostly surprised to see how good and fast the train connections are with Schiphol Airport Amsterdam and the southern part of the Netherlands. You step into the train at the airport in no time, and an hour later you’re at the station in ’s-Hertogenbosch. From there you can easily walk into the centre; you don’t even need a taxi. The inner city is orderly and everything is centrally located around the market. It’s a very relaxed town, with lots of fun shopping alleys and streets full of great restaurants. The town feels safe, too. Locals are friendly and there are plenty of cosy pubs. A city to visit again and again; a definite recommendation, also for a mini-break.”
Uschi Plangger (34) from Austria: “In Austria most buildings are made of wood, here you see mostly brick houses. You also find different shops here: something like Xenos, for example, we don’t know in Austria. A fantastic shop with a varied stock of products, and cheap, too! This is the fifth time I am in the Netherlands and my visits last longer each time. That’s how much I enjoy it. People are much more open than in Austria, which is probably a direct consequence of the Netherlands’ multicultural society, which stems from the centuries-old Dutch international commercial ties. The types of birds here are also very different. For example, there are plenty of ducks and geese. What am I still planning to do? I’m very curious about the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center. I am studying Art History and I am deeply drawn to the paradoxes in his work and to his creation of a dream world.” 

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