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Street talk (3) New kids

The most popular Dutch feature film of the past year is New Kids Turbo. This action film is a long succession of bad manners by five antisocial, older loitering Brabant teenagers. Their vulgar language matches the bragging of their opponents in the Randstad crescent of Dutch cities. The teens without prospects from ‘t Maaskantje, a hamlet just outside of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, have created a rage among the youth of Holland, Germany and Belgium who have travelled here en masse to see the places depicted in the film. In Your Pocket spoke to two such youngsters about their reasons for driving almost 1000km in order to see ‘t Maaskantje. Anne Klamt (24) from Germany: “The first time I saw New Kids I thought it was a little stupid. Then I started surfing the net and discovered that many unemployed people feel they very strongly connect with these characters. We don’t, by the way; we are loyal to our bosses and work from 9 to 5. Germans tend to be busier and more stressed than the Dutch, anyway. My fellow countrymen already start honking when the light has turned green only a second ago. ‘t Maaskantje was on our bucket list because we had hoped to see these celebrities with our own eyes. But if I’m honest, if we had had more money, we would have flown to Hollywood to see Bruce Willis or Will Smith. At least, I would have. Thankfully they did sell stickers with the village name ‘t’ Maaskantje’ at the local snack bar ‘t Pleintje. Of course we all ate a ‘knoepert’ (crispy fried chicken), the favourite snack of the New Kids.”
Daniel Grub (25) from Germany: “Every Friday night, without exception, we watch Comedy Central at midnight. Then we spend five minutes rolling on the floor laughing. The dry humour of New Kids is not broadcast in Dutch with subtitles; it is dubbed. But not in normal German; you could call it Turkish German. Expressions that can be heard a lot in the film, such as ‘hey Jungen’ and ‘Verruckte Mongol’ are completely integrated in our language. Unfortunately, though, some kids here now believe that everyone in the Netherlands is as anti-social as the five gentlemen from New Kids. We, too, had never heard of ‘t Maaskantje, but via Google you can now find everything. Together with a few friends we impulsively decided to check this place out and bring back a small memory. (Laughter). Unfortunately the traffic signs had already disappeared…but we did bring home a whole box of real New Kids knoeperts (snacks) for our friends.”

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