Zurich has 16 cinemas, many of them with more than one screen and the large ones with up to 12 screens. Traditionally films in Switzerland are shown in their original language with German and French subtitles. But the big multiplex cinemas that have displaced some of the smaller ones in the last two decades have started to show more and more movies dubbed in German. In the best case they show two versions of the same movie: one in original language and one dubbed. In smaller cinemas you can still watch all movies in the original language – lots of them in English of course. They are marked with the letters Edf in the programmes (English with German (Deutsch) and French subtitles) - a D (capital) indicates the movie is spoken in German. Check the daily newspapers or for programme and screening times. And don‘t be surprised when the movie stops after an hour and the lights are turned on - it‘s just the Swiss-style movie break allowing you to fetch another drink or snack. The cinemas we list below usually show films in original versions.

Tickets cost somewhere between 15 and 21Sfr, depending on the movie and the category you choose. On Mondays tickets are 13Sfr in all cinemas on all seats.

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