Adult entertainment in Zurich

If you are looking for sins of the flesh, and then probably you're male, Zurich offers what you can expect of a city of its size - though it's far from being a sex destination. In Switzerland prostitution is legal, so in Zurich you can find everything from strip bars to sex clubs and brothels. Street prostitution is allowed in certain areas - for example at Häringstrasse in Niederdorf and in Altstetten in the so called sex boxes (Depotweg, access by car only). At infamous Sihlquai, street prostitution is now prohibited.

Broadly speaking you have three options: most of the strip clubs - which are called nightclubs or cabarets - are located in the Niederdorf part of the old town or around Langstrasse west of the main train station. What you can expect there are expensive drinks (i.e. 20Sfr for a beer) and shows with half-naked ladies dancing on a pole until they are entirely naked - some offer table dance. At the end of 2013 local media reported some rip-offs in establishments of this kind, the victims even claimed to have been dazed and then made to sign huge credit card bills. The prosecutor ist still investigating. Stay alert.

Brothels, sex and sauna clubs are generally situated in the suburbs or just outside the city where access with a car is easy. In the city you will find such establishments around Häringstrasse in Niederdorf and around Dienerstrasse in the Langstrasse district.

There are also many expensive escort-services - check the web to find many listings.

As in other places, many prostitutes work because they have few other income options or, even worse, because they are forced to. Street prostitutes are particularly likely to be victims of human  trafficking. In 2010, several Zurich pimps received long prison sentences for extreme violence against 'their' prostitutes.

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