Frieda's Büxe

Frieda's Büxe is a small house and techno club in the basement of an office building, close to Albisriederplatz, an area which is otherwise not well known for nightlife at all. Opened by a DJ collective in October 2010, it quickly became popular with those in the know and a few others too.

Admission around 20Sfr.

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Frieda's Büxe Comments

  • @manuel: you're right, it's technocally not in Albisrieden. We corrected this, thanks!
  • The club is located at the Albisriederplatz (Albisrieder-Square) which isn't in Albisrieden. Still a bit of the beaten nightlife track though, but quick to reach from hardbrücke.


Wed 20:00 - late, Fri & Sat 23:00 - late.


Friedaustrasse 23


Tram station:

AlbisriederplatzView in

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