The Oepfelchammer is best known for its wine tavern on the first floor - which still looks like it did more than 200 years ago. A special challenge awaits you there: climb over two ceiling beams and drink a free glass of wine hanging upside down. If you make it, you will be allowed to carve your name into the wooden walls - what an honour. Give it a try, but be warned: it is not easy. Make sure you respect the written house rules (i.e. no applause, just knocking on the tables) - or the eccentric waiter Boris (what a moustache!) will be happy to fine you 5Sfr. Good but quite expensive Swiss food in the refectory.

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Oepfelchammer Comments

  • Oepfelchammer is so funny - especially waiter Boris. Don't mess with him! Don't order beer!


Open 10:00 - 24:00, Sat 16:00 - 24:00, closed Sun & Mon.


Rindermarkt 12


+41 44 251 23 36



Tram station:


Credit Cards Restaurant

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