Art market

If you're looking to buy art – or just want to take a peek at what others are buying – Zurich won't let you down. The city is arguably the centre of Switzerland's art market, and indeed a reference point for the European art market. Many art auctioneers are located in Zurich - besides the well-known international houses Sotheby's (Talstrasse 83, D-3) and Christie's (Steinwiesstrasse 26, G-4) you'll find local firms like Koller (Hardturmstrasse 102), Grisebach (Bahnhofstrasse 14, E-4) or Germann (Stockerstrasse 38, D-4), where remarkable pieces change hands regularly. Art galleries are equally abundant in Zurich and are an excellent place to see contemporary international and Swiss art as well as a great deal of exciting work from the twentieth century. Zurich In Your Pocket has put together a small selection, including conventional art galleries, artist-run offspaces and internet galleries.

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