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Albania's population is 3,619,778 (2008 estimate). There are more than two million ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, hundreds of thousands in Macedonia and Montenegro, and an estimated two million in the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Italy and Canada.

Although Albania is often touted as a majority Muslim country, 70% of the population is estimated to be non-religious or non-practising. Of the others, 21% is Muslim, 6% is Orthodox, and 3% is Catholic. In Korça, some 65% of believers are Orthodox, with the rest split between Muslim, Bektashi and Catholic.

At 28,748 square kilometres, Albania is a bit larger than Wales or Maryland. The longest rivers are the Drini, Semani and Vjosa. The largest lakes are Shkodra, Ohrid and Prespa. The highest mountain is Mt. Korabi near Peshkopi, at 2,751m.

At 3,710 square kilometres, Korça prefecture is the largest of Albania's 12 prefectures, and is ranked 4th in population, with 265,000 inhabitants (2001).

The prefecture's two cities Korça and Pogradec rank 7th and 11th in Albania, with 55,000 and 24,000 inhabitants respectively (2001).

The prefecture is headed by Mrs. Elfrida Zefi; the mayor of Korça is Mr. Niko Peleshi, the mayor Pogradec is Mr. Artan Shkëmbi.

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  • mikel - Korca, Albania, albania 24 April 2012
    I think that Korca has about 70-80.000 inhabitants.

    Editor: The number was 51.683 as per 2011.

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