Birra Korça Brewery

Birra Korça Brewery
Korça's industrial pride and Albania's only good-looking factory is the beer brewery at the eastern end of town. Founded in 1928 by the Italian Umberto Uberti, the brewery was in service until 2004, after which 17 million euros was invested to renovate and renew the factory. The pretty yellow factory buildings have been lovingly restored, and visitors are welcome to tour the facilities.
Birra Korça makes 'blond' beer and is also the only brewery in the Balkans to make dark beer, using the latest Czech and Italian technology and employing 125 people. It brews 120.000 hectoliters of beer annually, ten times the output of the old brewery. The specific taste originates from the traditional five-stage production method, and fermentation and maturation takes place in the twelve huge 500 hectoliter tanks poking out of the building. All ingredients except for water are imported from Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy to ensure reliable quality.
Highlight of the factory tour is the brewing room where the massive steel brewing tanks are surrounded by tile tableaus depicting the brewing process and the consumption of the end product, with devils helping brew the beer, pretty girls serving it and rowdy punters having a party.
The brewery is happy to receive visitors and conduct 30-60 minute tours of the factory in Albanian or English. Phone ahead to make an appointment. Beer tasting is not part of the tour, but the adjacent Panda Bar serves both types of Birra Korça.

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Birra Korça Brewery Comments

  • Eshte me e mira birr e ne bote - the best beer in the world!


Tours by appointment. Open 07:30-15:30, Sat 07:30-15:00, Sun closed.


Blv. Fan Noli 1


+355 82 25 40 33
+355 82 24 29 65


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