PogradecLake Ohrid
A town of modest pretentions, Pogradec enjoys a wonderful setting on the shore of magnificent Lake Ohrid, 40km north of Korça. Though its history goes back to the Iron Age, the town has a modern appearance. With its long sandy beach, fresh air and various sights in the surroundings, Pogradec can be visited in a day or two en route to Korça or Ohrid.

The Pogradec In Your Pocket city guide is the first English language city guide to this fascinating destination and has everything you need to know to make your stay a pleasant one.

In 2009, the printed Korça In Your Pocket  miniguide, including information on Pogradec and complete with photos and maps, was published and is available locally in Korça, Pogradec and Tirana, as well as online in PDF format. You can order a printed copy here.

Enjoy Pogradec!

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