Prohime te Kelmendit

The 'products from Kelmend' shop sells exactly that – natural home-made products from the Kelmend region, which is in the northernmost, wildest tip of Albania around Vermosh and Selce. Get thick sugary honey (mjalte), pomegranate syrup (shege sirup), wine (vere), fig jam (recel fiku) and plum jam (recel kumbulle) and bottles of potent raki here. Not exactly cheap, but top quality, and they make excellent presents. If the shop is closed when it shouldn't be, look for the owner in the Hapa te Lehte café across the street.

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Open 07:30-13:00, 16:00-19:00.


Rr. Branko Kadia


(+355) 69 234 39 08

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