Venice Art mask factory

Venice Art mask factory
One of Shkodra's most interesting success stories is the Venice Art mask factory. Founded by Edmond Angoni, a local who lived in Italy, it employs 60 people to manually make 20,000 masks per year using the labour-intensive cartapesta technique, which uses glue-moistened sheets of paper to create the mask structure and relief. Ranging from simple models covering just the eyes, the most extravagant full-face masks are true works of art, incorporating various types of decoration, including painted scenes. The masks are popular at the Venice carnival celebrations, and are exported mainly to Italy, France, Greece, Japan, Canada and the USA. The workshop is also known for providing the masks for Stanley Kubrick's film Eyes Wide Shut. The factory shop can be visited by appointment and has hundreds of different designs at prices well below Venice levels, ranging from €20-150. You can ask to have a quick look at the workfloor too.

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Venice Art mask factory Comments

  • well i havnt actully been but it looks good. im glad people are going to see masks from skodra and im glad albania are getting more tourists.KEEP GOING ALBANIA
  • I second Rob's comments. It's a singular experience to go and see where and how these masks are produced, and then to think about how, if you're buying papier mache masks in Venice, they were probably made here.
  • The mask factory is one of the coolest things to see in Shkodra. I lived there for two years and made it a point to bring visitors. The masks are the ones like in "Eyes Wide Shut" and the director is super nice, showing people around personally and letting them choose which, if any, masks they want. I highly recommend going there. Better and probably cheaper than substitutes you might buy anywhere else.


Open 09:00-16:00. Closed Sun.


Rr. Lin Delia


(+355) 68 204 72 91



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