Shkodra hotels

Shkodra's hotel scene is little varied, with a few good options priced between 4000-8000 lek (30-60 euros) and the rest merely offering merely adequate rooms at about 1200 lek (10 euros). Despite the stable lek, hotel prices are often stated in euros - you usually can pay with both lek or euros. The exchange rate was 123 lek for one euro at time of writing.
If you're here in summer, check that the hotel has its own (working) generator if you want a room with air conditioning; in winter check there is sufficient heating. Budget travellers will be pleased to hear that some of the cheaper hotels charge the same price for single and double rooms. Prices listed here include breakfast unless otherwise specified.
Camping enthusiasts can pitch their tents along the beach next to the Panorama restaurant in Zogaj (see Where to Eat), a 25 minute drive west along the lake.
Fans of the Mondial hotel take note - it has been demolished to make place for a modern shopping mall.

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