Big Bite

Love it or hate it, no other restaurant gets as many reader comments (both good and bad) on the Tirana In Your Pocket website. The second most popular fast-food chain in town has burgers, chips and pizza, non-stop.

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Big Bite Comments

  • i think big bite is ok
  • Wow, big bite was wonderful... I miss it.
  • It's a nice place, but not for eating...
  • I tried a special pizza here and it was the worst pizza I ever tasted. Do not try to order...
  • I never will go there.
  • Everything about them is rubbish.
  • There's no service in there, they kept my change twice, and my orders arrived more than half an hour late. I'll never go there again.
  • the food is ok , is great , i like , ilike pizza , and big bite..... i love big bite . and all the service is very nice .. if you are in tirana you most go to big bite ........
  • The food is okay if you want something quick and tasty - but you certainly do not eat at Big Bite for the service.


Open 24hrs.


Rr. Abdyl Frashëri 16


+355 4 222 00 00
+355 68 205 66 00


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