One of those places you either love or hate; Albania's original US-style fast food chain has huge four-person superpizzas, Skanderburgers (named after the national hero) and 'Big Supreme' menus – and comes complete with plagiarised McD logo and packaging. The main outlet is a large tent wedged behind the colonnade at the southern end of the boulevard. 

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Kolonat Comments

  • kolona isnt very good than mc but there yu could eat teasty hambs but the best is classic but they do not cook that hamb
  • Never ever going again. Better qofte or kernacka with some salce kosi and plenty of Birra Korca.
  • When I orderd "HOT" wings they turn out to be cold the only thing they did is put them in a microwave.... although the kolonat supreme is all right it was no way near McD's
  • Welcome if you want to get a food poisoning!!!
  • actually a friend of mine and i both suffered from 6 weeks of digestive problems after having a burger and fries at kolonat...... still makes a good story tho ;)
  • Great taste.
  • Choose Bacon&Bacon or Club sandwich, nothing else.
  • Dude it was nothing like mickeyD's...all I wanted in tirana was a friggin double cheeseburger with pickels and ketchup...I got some "meat" which didnt taste like a burger...some cheese which was odd...and yeah the fries were good
  • Awful strange taste, nothing like McDonalds.
  • Rip-off. Nowhere near McD. Pizza - its just a pizza nothing special to brag about. Can get same food in other places for half the price.
  • Good taste, nothing compared to McDonalds...
  • I like it much more then Big Bite.
  • The worst fast food I had in Albania!
  • Kolonat has to bring the prices down a little as it is overpriced, other than that everything else is OK, lovely taste.
  • If u want advice: never eat at that fast food restaurant. Their hamburgers taste awful and they are small.
  • Best pizza in Tirana, also the french fries are first quality (McCain).
  • It´s very cool. The burgers are great there. I was there last year and had the double hamburger menu.
  • They have good pizza.
  • I will give you a good advice: don't eat at Kolonat for your health because it is very miserable food. And the price is double that of McDonald's.
  • Haha, Kolonat.
  • Its logo is a laughably bad McDonald's rip-off. It has terrible burgers, the meats taste awful and the cheeses are always lukewarm and crusty. Oh yeah and the best part, they CHARGE you for extra ketchup, plastic utensils etc.
  • Bravo Kolonat, bravo.
  • Kolonat is better because it has pizza, McDonald's has tastier burgers. So they both are the same for me.
  • It's better than McDonalds...
  • Very small hamburgers, you have to eat two instead of one, high price. Nice sandwitches
  • They have the most horrible food I have ever eaten, or at least tried to eat. Disgusting burgers, extremely low quality chips and pizza.
  • Tirana is the only European capital which does not have a McDonald's or any other western fast food outlet. However they have their very own Kolonat fast food which sells tasty 'Skanderburgers' named after Albania's national hero. Service is certainly not fast but worth the wait.


Open 08:00-24:00.


Sheshi Italia


+355 4 225 51 27

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