Patisserie Française

A small corner of Paris in central Tirana. It's all great; the fancy décor, filter coffee, the Salade Nicoise, the brioche and baguettes, the fabulous fruit tarts and even the French accent of the charming owner. The open front of the café allows you to be entertained by busy street outside.

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Patisserie Française Comments

  • Everytime I feel a need to see France I go chez la Pattiserie Francaise and eat a Macaron au pistache. Yeah I know it's so tiny but it's worth it ;)
  • So Frenchy! I just love the macarons and other water-mouthering desserts, but also great food, beautiful atmosphere and a very charming owner.
  • Try the fantastic cake named "Paris Brest"... it's difficult to find the same in my own country (France)!


Open 07:00-22:00.


Rr. Ibrahim Rugova 1


+355 4 25 13 36

Takeaway Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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