Exclusive, expensive and difficult to find, Vinum's chef deserves a medal for creativity. Where else do you find quail stuffed with ricotta and foie gras? Or a salad of mango, figs and walnuts, or a soup made with carrots and orange? Even the bread is original – beet, olive and walnuts, oven fresh and very good. It's down the alley, 50 metres east of the Capital hotel.

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Vinum Comments

  • Impressive restaurant in Tirana, beautiful house, romantic atmosphere with a cuisine and winelist like no other in this city... and the price around 10 euros ! (not including the wine of course)WHAT ELSE...!


Open 12:00-23:00.


Rr. Qemal Stafa 60


+355 4 223 06 22

Credit Cards Outside seating Air-conditioning

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