Tirana Rock

One of Tirana's best bars, the Rock has a lot of wood, wild parties and loud live music played every Wednesday (unplugged), Thursday (new bands), Friday and Saturday (rock). Their classic Tirana Rock Café T-shirts sold out in no time, ask to see if they're available again. Admission is free, though beer costs more when bands play. Closing times are very flexible.

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Tirana Rock Comments

  • Not a good place, too much junkie, for my opinion
  • If you want a cool beer ,with some good rock music ,you can find it alwaws there. Pece and love in TIRANA ROCK!!!


Open 07:00-02:00, Sun 17:00-03:00.


Rr. Abdyl Frashëri


+355 69 260 06 57



Wi-fi Live Music Outside seating Air-conditioning

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