Orthodox Cathedral

Orthodox Cathedral
Opened in 2012 and now the main centre for the Albanian Orthodox Church, the mighty Christ’s Resurrection Cathedral has a floor plan of some 1,660 square metres and is dwarfed by its 46-metre bell tower. The church conforms to no traditional ecclesiastical building style, and is quite simply ostentatious and vulgar in equal amounts. To see it at its best, make a visit after dark when the entire structure lights up like a Las Vegas casino.

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Orthodox Cathedral Comments

  • I'm not Protestant. I'm Orthodox which is why I see this modern style cathedral as a missed opportunity. The only part of the new cathedral worth anything is the great dome from the interior. The modern arches are incongruent with the traditional style Byzantine dome. Its a hodge-podge. I hope that mosaic decoration will be used along with carved marble to add as much quality to the interior finishes as is possible.
  • Danny should comment on his own dull Protestant churches and then try to understand something of the Orthodox Albanian Church with a tradition all of it's own!
  • The modern style is a tragedy in the making. This important cathedral should have been built in the traditional Orthodox style with the high quality appointments worthy of a cathedral church. Instead, its built out of concrete, glass and all the standard appointments one would find in an ordinary skyscraper. Once again, the Orthodox hierarchy missed an opportunity for a great edifice for the ages.


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