Vienna’s most famous beer garden, in the middle of the Prater. Come for the Stelze, a succulent pork hock  with extra crispy skin that is the specialty of the house. In terms of beer, Schweizerhaus also has fine beer that is a welcome addition to any meal. Be forewarned: when the weather is nice everyone wants to sit in the Schweizerhaus garden and have a beer.

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Schweizerhaus Comments

  • The place is humongous, but it's indeed extremely difficult to find a seat in the garden when the weather is nice. Here's a hint: call ahead (if you speak German, of course) and make a reservation introducing yourself as Herr Doktor or Frau Professor. A table is almost guaranteed! I tried it, it works. Especially in a city as obsessed with titles as Vienna :-)


Open 11:00 - 23:00.


Prater 116


+43 1 728 015 213


Public transport:

Messe Prater

Dogs Allowed Outside seating Non-smoking

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