In the historical vineyards around Vienna, wild vines were already growing in primaeval times, and there is evidence of early viticulture as well. Findings show that Vienna has been growing wine since 750 BCE. There are currently about 720 hectares of vineyards within the city’s borders, which make Vienna the capital of wine. You can try many of these wines at Heurigen. The word refers to new wine (heuer meaning this year), and by definition a Heurigen is attached to the vineyard which produces the very wine it serves. Traditionally these places would only offer cold cuts to go with the drinks, but today most Heurigen also serve hot food. The best known taverns are located in Grinzing, a suburban village in the hills north of Vienna. The good soil along with the location and climate provide optimal conditions for vineyards – plus many thirsty clients can be found nearby too. Note that beer and coffee are not usually served at a Heurigen, it's all about the wine. To get to Grinzing, take tram D to Nussdorf from Karlsplatz or Schottentor, and then switch to the Vienna Heurigen Express.

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