Banja Luka

Getting around

Getting around


The bus and train stations in Banja Luka are situated just a stone's throw away from one another but both occupy an island of territory some way from the city centre, which is rather unusual. However, there are plenty of buses and taxis to get you to and from whichever one you are using.Make sure you have enough cash on you whether departing or arriving as neither station has a cash machine to speak of - another quirky characteristic - and you can't buy tickets with cards. I once had to get a taxi back into town when I turned up cashless late at night just to get some money out before returning. That aside, there are quite a few places to sit and eat and drink in the vicinity - even till the early hours - which is a big plus, though don't expect luxury.

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 Aleja Svetog Save bb, lok.3
Located by the Hypo Adria Bank.
Petrol station, coffee bar, technical review, car wash.

Cooper šped

 Knjaza Miloša 85

Euro Benz d.o.o.

 Desanke Maksimović bb
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