National Library

Opened on June 16, 2006 and the work of architects Mihail Vinogradov and Viktor Kramarenko, the Belarusian National Library is well worth a trip out of the centre for a closer inspection. Standing at 72 metres tall and boasting an impressive 22 floors, the extraordinary rhombicuboctahedron construction houses 20 state-of-the-art reading rooms, has full disabled access, contains its very own Book Museum, lights up at night and even has an observation point on top for superb views of the city reached via a ride in a glass lift that clings to the edge of the building. A statue of the 16th-century father of Belarusian literature, Francysk Skaryna stands near the entrance, whilst membership is open to anyone in possession of a valid passport regardless of nationality. 

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National Library Comments

  • Inna, you should take it easy :) You should understand that tastes differ and everyone has their own opinion and they were not trying to offend anyone here, just gave their opinion on the thing. To be fair - not all Minsk residents love this particular design. At least those guys were interested enough to come to Minsk. I'd say, dear visitors and guests of Minsk, please post more comments, as it's always interesting to experience things through someone else's eyes. Besides, your comments may make things in Minsk more comfortable and tourist friendly or stir the desire to visit in someone who has never even heard of such a country. Come again soon and tell your friends about the place!
  • I was very impressed by the size and architecture of this building. Take the lift to the top to enjoy an amazing view of Minsk and relax over a tea or coffee in the cafe/restaurant, the cakes are very nice indeed also!!
  • You guys do not really understand anything! National Library is our honor... don't even say, that it's an example of a bad taste..
  • i went to the national library las summer and was so different nice and beautiful building for me,i dont understand why the comment before me tell is a ugly building, maye she live in a palace? you can found lot of pictures in internet, judge yourself, hasta luego!
  • My guide took me to this monstrosity after dark and was all excited about showing it to me. The "light show" was so hideous and surreal that I was rendered speechless. Do go and see it as you'll likely never see anything in worse taste. The metro ride out to the eastern district of town where it's located was interesting enough.


Open 10:00 - 21:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 18:00.


Nezavisimosti pr. 116 (просп. Независимости, 116)


(+375 17) 229 24 94

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