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is one of the oldest cities in Europe, famous for its extraordinary position, turbulent history and fantastic night life. It lies at the confluence of clashing cultures, where east meets west, and the Sava flows into the Danube River. Belgrade’s greatest asset are warm-hearted and hospitable Belgraders.

Its name (Beograd) means White City.

Spring is probably the best season to visit Belgrade. Košava (Belgrade wind) finally loses its chill, and the average temperatures go from 14 to 22 C (though global warming could surprise us). Restaurants and cafes open outdoor terraces, Belgrade girls go from warm winter coats to short skirts, the Danube, the Sava and Ada Ciganlija welcome visitors. Don’t miss “sarmica od zelja” (stuffed green rolls) – in some restaurant served with home made sour cream, and špricer – a cooling drink made of white wine and soda water. This spring Belgrade museums will be crowded; Belgrade will host an ATP tournament, 40.000 participants in Belgrade Marathon race, and world famous musicians like AC/DC and Depeche Mode.

“Hristos Voskrese” (Christ has risen) will this year be said on April 19th. Easter is the most celebrated date in Serbian Orthodox calendar.
Palm Sunday or Vrbica, is the last Sunday before Easter when willow branches (vrbica=Vur-BEET-sa) are carried or worn as wreaths by little children, who hang little bells with Serbian red, blue and white ribbons around their necks and parade around the church.
There are many Easter customs, the main ones are to go to church at midnight and bring coloured eggs, which were dyed on Good Friday usually in red or in onion skin giving it brownish colour (although recently many started using different colours and colourful stickers). The first red coloured egg is called "ČUVARKUĆA" which means "a housekeeper" and it is kept in the house until the next Easter. Just be careful not to crack the egg – or you could be surprised by the odour. Easter fasting ends on Easter Sunday by cracking eggs and eating them. The one who doesn't have his egg cracked when they are knocked one against the another, is a winner! There is even an egg-knocking world championship in a small place in northern Serbia!



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Kari-Mette Raanaas
Why can't I buy Belgrade In Your Pocket. I tried many times today. I get to the end of my purchase where I shall write in what I see on the picture,but nothing appears!!! What is wrong?
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