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Sarajevo taxi Comments

  • I've had the same experience. What I do now is walk to the main road (both at the airport and the train station it's not far to walk) and flag down a taxi. Sarajevo Taxi are the worst I think I'd rather walk back from the airport than get into one. They seem to have monopoly on most taxi ranks in town as well.
  • When I arrived at the main bus station at Sarajevo I went to the taxi stand. There were only Sarajevo Taxi Co. taxis there. The guy who took me would not turn on the meter and insisted that 15 marks "is correct". I said that my guide book stated it would be 6 marks. He said "9 kilometers 15 marks is correct". I didn't argue further because I was so hot and tired from the bus ride. I found out later via searching on the internet that it should have been 6 marks and that the particular taxi service is notorious for refusing to turn on the meter and overcharging foreigners by 2 or 3 times the meter price. Supposedly there is a petition circulating complaining about this service. Also they seem to have a monopoly on both airport and bus station taxi stands. Please don't give them any more business.


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