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Baščaršija is a colourful market area of narrow streets, broad squares, mosques, cafés and scores of tiny handicraft, carpet, antique and souvenir shops. Most of the souvenir shops offer up the same wares - mugs and postcards, copper coffee sets and serving dishes and trays - but there are also some unique items to be found. The hundreds of thousands of shells and bullets that rained down on Sarajevo during the siege are now turned into pens and pepper pots, showing that the ingenuity of the citizens didn’t desert them once the hostilities ceased. Other interesting items include memorabilia from the Communist years and the Olympic weeks. Though the occasional hard-sell approach may make you feel you really are in Istanbul, the tinkling of the copper-workers’ hammers, the cobblestones and timber-fronted shops make Baščaršija a great place for wandering, looking, and no doubt buying something to take home with you.

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