Svrzo's House

Svrzo's House
Svrzo’s House reflects the lifestyle of a wealthy Muslim family lifestyle during the time of the Ottoman Empire. Visitors can inspect the separate living quarters of the men, women and servants and note the spacious comfort of the rooms used for receiving and entertaining guests.

The house is in an extremely well-preserved condition, especially considering that it is constructed completely from wood, a building material not commonly used in the region in relatively modern times. A quiet courtyard would have provided the occupants with a pleasant and private outdoor sitting area, as it now does for the visitor, but it is the interior that provides the most interest.

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  • When I visited Sarajevo to write the first SIYP guide, I wrote an extensive review about this house (which I would place in the museum category).The current review is not as informative - why not use my former review? It's free :)Regards, Jeroen


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