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RestaurantsBarbeque, Cevapi, Sausages, Bosnian Food
Restaurants catering local cuisine flourish in abundance in Banja Luka whereby you can indulge yourself in a variety of Bosnia’s local food and wine; if your diet permits it, this means hearty, meaty meals, stodgy soups or ‘goulash’ and within the fast food scale greasy ‘cevapi’, hamburgers and ‘burek’ (a pastry snack with a savoury filling). 

Don’t expect any other exotic offerings, other than the common ‘pizzeria’ which lies on almost every street, although be prepared for a pizza of Bosnian variation, rather than Italian.

The following reviews present the best in local cuisine, from the finest in culinary delights to the most basic fast food joints.  Vegetarian restaurants are inexistent, but be sure to ask the waiter to point you out the veggie friendly meals on the menu.  Prices are affordable for all tastes and budgets and without a doubt, an enjoyable experience for all.

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