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It is not hyperbole to state that the fallout from last October's fire at a Bucharest club, Colectiv, which took 61 lives, has changed the Romanian capital forever. In the many years we have been writing about the city there have been few periods as bleak or as difficult as the months since the accident. And yet both Bucharest and its people are made of stern stuff, and the city is slowly recovering. Things will never be the same, however.

For a start, a number of Bucharest's most popular venues have been closed since the fire at Colectiv, and there is much doubt regarding how many will ever reopen. Many were located in cellars and offered little in the way of an emergency exit. Closing them was morally the right thing to do, and we applaud those business owners who have done the right thing. Meantime, Romania's government has introduced a much overdue law which forbids commercial activity in buildings considered a grade one earthquake risk (those which display a red disc at the entrance). This has forced a number of venues to close or - in many cases - relocate. Another new law - which will be introduced sometime in March - will see smoking outlawed in all indoor public spaces.

As an objective guide to Bucharest, it's very much our role to announce to the world that the city remains open for business.

Visitors should certainly not be put off by safety concerns: given the closures and the new laws, going out in Bucharest is now perhaps safer than it ever has been.

You can read more about the fire and its aftermath here.

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