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Bucharest by night

Here's to many long months of summer.

No sooner had the sun come out and the temperature in Bucharest hit 20°C than the Romanian capital's cafes, restaurants and bars were getting their terraces out again: no city in the world enjoys drinking and dining al fresco as much as Bucharest.

Those who rejoiced the most at the appearance of the terraces were Bucharest's smokers, a group who - after having it rather all their own way in what was for years dubbed 'Europe's smoking section' - have been forbidden from smoking in any indoor public space since March 17th. You can read more about the smoking ban (which is being impeccably observed) here.

Meantime, here's to a long hot spring and summer. It will rain of course -  May and June are infamous for their brief yet powerful evening thunderstorms which can appear from nowhere, out of the bluest of blue skies - yet by and large from here on in it's glorious sunshine all the way until the end of September.

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