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Bucharest is slowly recovering from a tragic fire at the end of October at a club, Colectiv, which took 60 lives. In the many years we have been writing about the Romanian capital there have been few periods as bleak or as difficult as the weeks since the accident.

The fallout from the fire has been felt at all levels of Romanian society. Huge public demonstrations in Bucharest in the days following the fire, targeted at the government - which had become little more than an organised crime-syndicate - but also against the political class in general forced the hated prime minister Victor Ponta to resign. He was replaced by Dacian Ciolos, a non-politically aligned former EU commissioner who will run the country alongside a group of independent experts until parliamentary elections are held next December.

A large number of Bucharest's most popular venues have been closed since the fire, and there is much doubt regarding how many will ever reopen.

You can read more about the fire and its aftermath here.

In the meantime, it's very much our role to announce to the world that despite any and all appearances, Bucharest remains open for business. Visitors should certainly not be put off by safety concerns: new laws swiftly passed in the wake of the fire have seen all unsound venues close. Going out in Bucharest is now perhaps safer than it ever has been.

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