Culture & Events

Culture & Events

Bucharest Cinemas

Bucharest is blessed with a load of good cinemas, from big multiplexes in the shopping malls to small, musty, independent cinemas in the city centre. Films in Romania are shown in their original language with Romanian subtitles. The exceptions are animated films: these are usualy dubbed into Romanian, though in larger multiplexes you may also find an original language version. The key words to look for are dublat (dubbed) and subtitrat (subtitled). To find out which films are showing, check the individual websites of each cinema, or browse the full programme of all the city's cinemas here.

Classical Music Concerts in Bucharest

Bucharest boasts two excellent classical music venues, both with their own orchestras: the Atheneum, and Sala Radio. Both venues host concerts at least three times per week.

You can view the programme of the Atheneum (home to the George Enescu Philharmonic) here. Sala Radio (which hosts the Romanian National Radio Orchestra) publishes its programme here.

Opera, Operetta & Ballet

The Romanian National Opera (Opera Romana) is at B-dul Kogalniceanu 70-72, tel. (+4) 021 314 69 80, www.operanb.ro. It serves up a familiar repertoire of classic operas and ballets, and stages child-oriented matinees most weekend mornings at 11:00.  Tickets cost from 5.30 - 63.60 lei, and can be purchased online here or from the Opera’s own box office, open 09:00-13:00, 15:00-19:00. While black tie is not compulsory, you are expected to dress smartly when attending evening performances. The full opera programme is online here.

Venues & Tickets

Most major concerts in Bucharest take place at these venues.

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