Saint Blaze in history and art
2012-05-16 - 2012-07-31

Saint Blaze in history and art
When strolling around the Old City of Dubrovnik simply count the amount of times you pass an image of Saint Blaze, patron to Dubrovnik. You’ll be left dumfound! He lives not only in the walls but in the hearts of city folk and has so since the 10th century. A huge insight is given into his life, his works, his martyrdom and visions that saved this city from imperial attack. As a symbol of the city, his images in art, banners, money, stamps, medals through to statues on city buildings and walls are everywhere. City museums will hold exhibitions that portray the importance of Saint Blaze as seen through art and culture, a true adornment to a much loved Saint.

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Rector's Palace, Pred Dvorom 1 and Žitnica Rupe (Rupe Granary)

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