Tošo Dabac: Scenes from the street
2010-04-03 - 2010-05-23

Tošo Dabac: Scenes from the street
This spring Dubrovnik’s premier exhibition space hosts a major retrospective devoted to Tošo Dabac (1907-1970), the photographer who did more than anyone else to define the image of Croatia during the Twenties and Thirties. 
Dabac was an early convert to the glamour of Croatia’s burgeoning entertainment industry, dropping out of university to become MGM’s press officer for south-eastern Europe. Photography was first a hobby, then an addiction, becoming a full-time career by the time Dabac was 25. He obsessively documented the street life of Zagreb, capturing the pathos of a city undergoing dramatic social change with his portrayals of market-bound peasants, street-urchins and unemployed drifters. However he also delivered a seductive dose of urban chic, photographing fur-wrapped ladies-about-town and their trilby-hatted escorts in a way that made Zagreb look cool and sexy for the first time in its history.
Dabac took photographs and portraits throughout the former Yugoslavia both before and after World War II, and the exhibition includes fascinating images of Dubrovnik and other Adriatic towns as well as the Zagreb pictures for which Dabac is famous. It’s both a visually engrossing and thematically varied display, and will come as a revelation to those who haven’t sampled the history of Croatian photography before.

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Dubrovnik Art Gallery, Frana Supila 23

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