After settling all the other transportation issues like bus, train and car arrangements, there is one more option you should consider: seeing the city of Osijek by renting a bike, then heading out for a longer adventure on bicycle trails that allow you to explore the area surrounding the city 'til your heart's content. There are a few international bike routes in the area that offer you the chance to see a load of cultural sights and meet interesting people along the way. 
The Pannonian Peace Route is an 80-kilometer ride from Osijek to Sombor that was sponsored by “Green Osijek”, an association for nature and environment protection (Zeleni Osijek,, The path runs right along the Danube and takes you through the Kopački Rit and Gornje Podunavlje nature reserves. Another popular option is the Danube Route, a part of the route that goes along Danube from its source in Germany to the Black Sea. It runs through the easternmost parts of Croatia and along the borders with Serbia and Hungary and leads you through a diverse landscape right up to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The guide was published by the NGO “Moj bicikl”, The same NGO also published the Drava Route, part of the Iron Curtain Trail. For sure, you have a lot to choose from and definitely some great landscapes to enjoy.

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