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Slavonski kulen

From the Slavonia region, it's a sausage made from the best part of the pig. Locals refuse to compromise on this notion too, telling us there can only be ' one kulen per pig'. It's brilliantly spiced with red pepper, salt and white garlic and is tremendously expensive (300kn/kg). The final product is a wonder of scientific processing: the mix is stored in a pig intestine, specially bound and then is carefully air dried and smoked like a jerky.

Fiš paprikaš

Fiš paprikaš is a cooked stew thats combines chillis, onions, various spices and a diverse range of freshly caught river fish.


Thick spicy čobanac, a traditional Slavonian dish that can be cooked with beef, lamb, veal or pork (or the lot) is blended with local vegetables and spices to create a mouth watering, meaty stew.

The National Croatian competition for cooking fiš-paprikaš

The National Croatian competition for cooking fiš paprikaš is held every year in Osijek. Winning contestants from different regions hotly contest this acclaimed award. It's a real attraction for those who enjoy traditionally cooked foods. This is serious cooking...

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